15 bedroom decor ideas to make your space uniquely yours


Most personal space needs a peculiar makeover as the bedroom is the only place to rest and rejuvenate for the next day. You might have traveled across the world, but still destined to reach the bedroom that provides a sense of belongingness where peace is attainable. So organizing such a room with accessories is very important to fulfill the purpose of fostering serenity and tranquility. Here are some of the accessories with industrial looks and natural elements to upgrade the space of your bedroom.

Top 15 bedroom decor ideas to upgrade your space

Round Decorative Wall Mirror

It's a known fact that one doesn't let the portion of the wall stay empty against which the bed is placed. Most probably the portion is filled with some kind of an art piece or a wall clock. Only a few unpopular opinions or evidence show a mirror could fill that space. Here is an iron base, a round white-colored wall mirror with a spiral wire pattern on the edges. This adds a both practical and aesthetic look that enhances the space. The whole of the reflective potential piece can shower the light drawing from the bed light or early morning sun rays across the room. 

Pewter Elena Side Table

Being traditional and confining to the aesthetic qualities is the new modernist concept in the decor ideas. The practical purpose of the object or the need gives it a placement in the room. This beautifully crafted sleek table with an antique finish falls into this category. This exceptional piece is that blend of being traditional and practical based on the purpose it is used. Keep a couple of these models on either side of the bed bringing the symmetry and balance, or place it to the corners with vases of hanging plants. The mantle offers limited space to keep things on to give a minimalistic effect. The pewter finish has a light-reflecting quality to enhance the overall look of the bedroom. 

Orange and Black Etch Stand

If not a fan of trendy or modern tables with racks, and if the space of the bedroom doesn’t allow any type of table to fit in, we sure do have alternatives that have the effect of not being a mere substitute but a go-to etch stand that gives a trendy look to the bedroom. The classic and functional design has the potential to demand a focal attention point. The 3-storey model with different spaces can fix the spots for your priorities of objects. The design and structure also blend in with the personal concept of minimalistic sensibilities. The orange finish gives a certain level of warmth and a distinct decorative scheme.

Double Decker Wooden Table

What is your early morning wish or a ritual as soon as the rest leaves the eyes? A curious ritual of reading the affairs of the world, accompanied by the aromatic morning lush of tea or coffee, or a book of reciting to set up your motivational gear? Well, all can lay and spread on a priority-wise structured double-layered round-top iron table with a matt-black finish. This has a naturalistic element to add to the sophistication of the bedroom that can take the center of the room. The time and priorities you spend in the bedroom, like setting a vase of flowers or plants with a votive set around filling the space can light the night servings. A perfect example of decor and practicality. 

Double Layered Trunk Box

A tempting pendent, rolling beads, circular rings, and others that are daily ware jewelry surely need a place to be in whilst you’re resting. Surely, one needs to be free of the materials for enlightenment but to experience a levitating peace during the sleep, it is important to get off some materials and have an object to store them for a while. Here is a medium-sized brass-finished iron trunk box to secure such items. Add this well-crafted brass item on the mantle of the dressing table or keep it at arm's length distance. A sure reflecting piece to be added to the overall accessories of the bedroom.

Round Pie Trays

An alternative to the canisters or any type of table organizer is trays. They ensure having no obstacles on the way to grab an item from it. Here are the best round pie-shaped trays to serve a purpose on the table beside your bed. These are made of stainless steel with maroon, black, and gold coating finish. Each tray can be paired with others due to their welcoming shapes or can be separated on the same table to prioritize your stuff. The smooth frictional surface of the tray is easy to use and the design adds a minimalistic touch to among the other accessories in the bedroom.

Cylindrical Table Organizer

Many vertical objects of different shapes form part of the comfortable bedroom, some are a remote of an air-conditioner, television, music set, body lotions, or room spray bottles. If these come to the comfort in the bedroom, then indeed they demand a space for themselves. A table organizer that has the decluttering effect makes the room tidier and visually appealing. This is a cylindrical organizer that is adorably brass-plated and is apt for such storage. Keep it near to the bed-light on the side tables for convenience and the brass shiny finish has the light enhancing quality.

Embossed Moroccan Lantern 

A bedroom is incomplete without this accessory that is functional and which gives a sense of security. Trying a lantern for a room of considerable size is the best choice as it can enhance the ambiance and functionality of a bedroom. Try this metal lantern with a black coating finish that welcomes a source of light to emanate through it across the room. A warm and cozy atmosphere is the perfect bedroom space to rest and this piece blends in to contribute such warmth. The design provides a soft and diffused light creating a soothing atmosphere that is conducive to sleep. Placement of this on the side table while a ritual of flicking some bedtime pages, on a center table, or dangling steadily in the wheezing room is based on your purpose or visual interest in the room.

Cane-Shaped Flower Vase

Flower vases have a life-oozing quality of blending in and enhancing the appealing look of the bedroom. The shape, color, and flowers can increase the natural appeal of the bedroom. This iron broad body and narrow neck-shaped flower vase with antique bronze plated finish come in rustic quality that is the blend of vintage and modern design. It has a focal attractive point which can turn the room into a tranquil and inviting retreat. The difference that it could bring only shows the diversity of decor items with vibrant and fragrant blooming flowers. Having a flower vase and setting it up with different flowers can bring about a therapeutic and soothing experience. 

Rattan Chair

If you are a person to get instant peace the moment you dip yourself into the comfy soft mattress, there will be some things to be attended to or done while you are seated. Here is a hand-woven rattan chair with a black-coated iron stance. Just for a namesake, a bedroom can’t go without a versatile and indispensable piece of furniture like chairs that have both functionality and aesthetic servings. Tending to some small work or finishing a chapter of a book in this chair with ergonomic support can contribute to comfort and better posture. The design surely complements the overall format or design of the bedroom.

Modern Mesh Stool

Sometimes seated on a stool to have a look at the costume is one of the best options before a dressing table in a bedroom. Consider having a stool along with other furniture with the bed in the room that is a practical, functional, and versatile accessory. This cylindrical mesh design iron wireframe with a white-powdered coat finish can tie together the room’s overall aesthetic. This can be easily moved around the room, making it adaptable to the needs and layouts like an elevating step-on to change the looks and formats of the bedroom. A modern aesthetic and flexible piece to surely blend into the overall bedroom accessories.

Yellow-Colored Iron Rack

Well, not a trendy decor item to boastfully project itself to draw the focal attention but a regular item with more functionality. Generally, the word racks flicker a glimpse of the complete wooden design that is wall-mounted, and the idea of iron racks stand has gone past like the good old days. Yet here is an iron rack with a yellow finish is one of the ideal selections to store traditional or contemporary items. This long-lasting and second-to-none premium quality can be used to store varieties like books, and folded sheets or to fill the lower case with bedroom flip-flops. An ideal rack to make your bedroom clutter-free.

Hammered Planters

Apart from the decor and functional accessories that are organized, the planters are deserving items to be in a bedroom. Find a corner that is near your bed and place them to significantly improve your sleep quality. The twins above make a good pair of aesthetic and traditional appeal to the overall bedroom that is made of iron with an antique brass finish. Plants with unique characteristics like Snake plants, Lavender plants, Lucky bamboo, Lady palm, etc. shall remove the toxins in the air and diffuse oxygen and their peculiar scent into the bedroom atmosphere reducing and fostering tranquility. 

Antique Bronze Iron Waste Bin

A truly functional piece to have in the corners of the bedroom to dispose of the waste immediately comes in handy. A waste bin in any room gives an automatic initiation to throw the waste to keep the area tidier, surely the bedroom shouldn’t be an exceptional one to have this. Such as this waste bin that is made of iron with an antique bronze finish. The specialty of metal is that it reduces toxins to multiply it holds waste steadily and the material stays for a long time. This durable piece with its color of bronze adds an antique touch to the bedroom.

Aluminum Decorative Stand

An art piece to touch, change places, and dimensions is considered the best form to be included in your home. Articrafts and art pieces have the tremendous positive impact of adding depth, individuality, emotion, and character. Include such in your bedroom that adds relevancy to your thoughts and taste in your personal space. Well, this is a leaf stand made of aluminum with a silver antique finish projecting a vintage look to the interiors defining your lifestyle. Place it on a table that takes center stage in the room or light up a tea-light candle so the hollow space of the art stand takes in and projects light and shadow dimensions in its shape that creates an elegant and artful impact.


Well, a conclusion to a day or a heavy work should always be a well-needed shut-eye, and what space could be more feasible than a bedroom? So choose the accessory that can be one of the best factors to set you in a rest mode.


What kind of wall art is best for the bedroom?

Any art form that instills a profound impact of peace and tranquility in the first place as a bedroom is meant for resting and not hustling.

Which wall art is best according to Vastu?

The wall art of Buddha Painting, Waterfalls, Lucky Horses painting, and Floral or Peacock Paintings are the most suggested, and the paintings related to religious beliefs are also the best pick according to Vastu.

How to decorate a bedroom wall on a budget?

  • Bring in your personal touch of canvas or decor embroideries on the wall.
  • Set your personal family photocopies or frames on the wall.
  • Paste easily removable stickers or laminated copies that can transform the whole look of the bedroom.
  • Repurpose or recycle objects that are sleek in appearance and stick to the wall like decor pieces to add an artful element to the bedroom.