10 Ultimate health benefits of Drinking water in Copper and Brass glass


An introduction to the world of copper and brass is evident due to their usage in various formats and sure to witness that none is ignorant without the basic knowledge of the health benefits of including them within our daily chores. Well, this can guide you through the benefits of facts and studies suggesting why these age-old metals are still the best contemporary water bearers for various positive reasons.

Copper vs. Brass: What’s the difference?

One can confuse you with copper and brass being the same and indeed they look the same. Any doubt of such can be clarified by a metal expert, but are they patient enough to explain the details to you? Well, here are some of the differences to understand them better:

  • Copper is a pure elemental metal composed of copper atoms and Brass is an alloy made by combining copper with zinc proportions. 
  • The color of the copper has a distinct reddish-brown color and Brass has a typical yellow-gold color.
  • Copper is softer and less strong compared to Brass which is more robust due to the addition of zinc components.
  • Copper has high thermal conductivity compared to Brass.
  • Copper is denser than Brass which is due to the presence of lighter zinc atoms.
  • Copper is more resistant to corrosion than Brass.
  • Copper utensils are great at servings but Brass is preferable to direct cooking.

10 amazing health benefits of drinking water in copper glass 

Detoxing the Body

Copper water contains anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory characteristics that help in cleansing the digestive tract. Such act provides aid in metabolizing body fat and further helps in breaking down the components of the food. Such unique traits of copper water help in detoxifying the body.

Reduces Inflammation

Many reasons like catching up with age or some inevitable deficiencies or diseases and other autoimmune disorders cause inflammation internally. One of the remedies for reducing such is drinking water from a copper glass as copper contains components that are anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial that ionize the water and such ions are absorbed by the body. Regular consumption of water from copper glasses with suggested medication can reduce inflammation.

Alleviates arthritis Symptoms

Arthritis is a disease-causing pain and stiffness in the joints of the limb section mostly increasing inflammation that can worsen with age. Apart from medication and regular physiotherapy, copper water consumption helps in slowing down aging by keeping the joints flexible and healthy. Since copper water is filled with anti-inflammatory characteristics, can relieve pain caused by inflamed joints and ward off other internal infections that complement arthritis.

Promotes Hydration

In the wake of maintaining fitness, one necessary evil is to succumb to other liquids that enhance fitness programs and sessions sometimes than water. One of the common adverse effects of this and others is dehydration. The symptoms of such a condition are pretty evident, so no choice but to resort to the universal solvent but with the option of drinking it from a copper glass. The copper glasses recharge the vitality of your drinking water by ionizing and setting the pH balance that makes the water alive.

Enhancing Brain Functions

Copper water has a reputation for enhancing cognitive abilities as Cu is the co-key factor of key metabolic enzymes and a signaling and regulating molecule. The brain's core areas often use Cu in transferring electrons and activating oxygen.  As copper is a natural anti-oxidant, it reduces the oxidative stress on brain cells preventing damage and studies suggest that copper water in moderation helps Alzheimer's patients too.

Aids Digestion

Digestion to understand is a simple process of breaking down the nutrients in the food and effectively distributing them to various parts of the body. Some human compulsions like craving for too many varieties in a single serving and untimely food habits cause ill-digestion. Copper water can take part in a process called ‘Peristalsis’ which is a wave-like muscle contraction helping in digestion. Copper is an anti-bacterial that can kill unhealthy bacteria preventing any obstacle to the digestive process.

Boosts Immunity

Regular consumption of copper water boosts the immune system of the body by playing a major role in the functioning and conveyance of the blood cells. The key players are white blood cells and the red blood cells are mediators for setting and maintaining the immunity of the body. In this process, the copper ions help in the production of antibodies and facilitate the absorption of iron and other immune minerals from food to form hemoglobin.

pH level Balance

An average pH balance refers to good health. Both low and high levels are a little dangerous in the overall bodily functions.  Severe constipation, indigestion, or inflammation issues are due to more acidic content in the body through foods or liquids. Since copper water has natural detoxifying characteristics, it makes water more alkaline to balance the pH levels in the body. With the constant checks advised by the medical experts a moderation of copper water in a day helps in oH balancing.

Maintains Heart Health

Copper water lowers one’s bad cholesterol and triglyceride levels that relate to the heart. According to the American Cancer Society, copper water has been found to help in minimizing your risk of developing heart disease by regulating blood pressure. An optimum blood flow is also based on how blood cells work in the body, as copper water is best at absorbing important minerals from food helps in the generation and maintenance of blood cells, and the natural alkaline nature of copper mellows the strains as one of the factors for heart’s effective pumping.

Weight Management

Enhancing the digestive process by cleansing the tract and rich with natural detoxing agents that decode and break down the nutrients in the food for effective distribution among the body itself helps in increasing the metabolism rate. The higher the metabolism rate, the higher the chances of regulating energy and reducing weight. Consistent fitness streak and a sensible diet with copper water aid in weight management.

Benefits of drinking water in brass glass

Wound Healing

Brass water often referred to as ‘Tamra Jal’ in Ayurveda, is believed to consist of wound-healing properties. Since brass is a combination of copper and zinc ions, the copper ions with anti-microbial properties, help in the prevention of infections caused due to injuries, and on the other hand, zinc ions help in the promotion of cell proliferation, immune functions, and tissue regeneration that are core aspects in the wound healing process. Since one can’t put off the sophisticated medical processes for rapid healing of serious injuries, but consumption of water from brass glass is complementary to progress healing.

Regulating Chronic Disease

Various studies for years have been suggesting and warning that oxidative stress is correlated with chronic diseases. Disorders like high blood pressure, diabetes, and a few other metabolic syndromes are aspects of it. Since brass is a combination of Copper and Zinc ions, they leach onto liquids or foods due to their anti-microbial characteristics, and zinc especially helps in preventing metabolic syndrome. The promotion of overall health by producing enough collagen and hemoglobin in which copper and zinc ions play a vital role in these enzymatic processes that are necessary for combating chronic diseases.

Macular Degeneration

Macular degeneration is often referred to as an age-related condition that affects eyes and their vision which is often evident in primarily older adults. A small yet crucial part of the retina that is responsible for vision called the ‘macula’ is seen to deteriorate which causes gradual vision loss and blindness later. Zinc in the brass plays a crucial role in supporting eye health by preventing such dysfunction. The mineral has a reputation for protecting the macula by maintaining the structural integrity of the tissues, regulating immune responses, and acting as an anti-oxidant as too much oxidation too causes such degeneration. Under medical supervision, one can resort to drinking water from brass as an additional remedy.


The combination of copper and zinc is rich in anti-microbial and anti-oxidant characteristics and prevents infection caused by harmful bacteria and viruses causing damage to the neurological system. These two constituents have the potential to protect the neurological system to support memory and cognitive functions. Many neurological studies bats for such suggestions to consume water from brass vessels and glasses as one of the methods to promote brain health.  

Skin Health

The anti-inflammation and antimicrobial properties present in water brass take care to kill such organisms that cause acne, eczema, and other skin infections. Moreover, copper and zinc ions promote the formation of melanin repairing the pigment of the skin, and cell repairing or regeneration, which increases the skin’s firmness yet maintains its softness. Moreover, the ions may also stimulate collagen production and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Apart from consultation with dermatologists, the inclusion of brass water in moderation does conceivable wonders for the skin. 


Moderation is followed by rewards, and excessive usage is followed by the haunting cost, so sure the information above does strike an idea to include the ritual of drinking water from copper and brass glasses for overall health.


1. Can we drink water in copper glasses daily?

Based on the report and studies of the World Health Organization(WHO), every liter of copper water contains at least 0.47mg of copper intake, and such intake shouldn’t exceed 10mg per day as it could result in nausea, vomiting, and adverse copper toxic results. So advised to consume in specific considerable amounts.

2. Who should not drink copper water?

  • Pregnant women should consult doctors before consuming Cooper water.
  • People who suffer from a rare copper metabolism disorder called ‘Wilson’s disease’.
  • Those who are taking medication that is negatively interactive with copper.
  • Individuals with kidney disorders.
  • People suffering from genetic disorders causing excess iron absorption called ‘Hemochromatosis’.
  • People with a history of copper allergy and sensitivities.

3. Is Brass water safe?

Any consumption even though attributed to many benefits due to various positive components, consuming moderately does the justice. Brass water is safe to consume only in limited measures consciously, consult the experts to understand based on your current health conditions before the inclusion of brass water as a ritual.