Handicrafts have always been of cultural and traditional importance to India and their detailed and astonishing designs have made them eminent in international markets. We, at Indecraft, produce and sell these handicrafts in both Indian and international market.

To start-up a handicrafts business was not a tricky affair, having observed a functioning handicraft business for a long time gave an edge on the perceptive about the business.

The world is more inclined to social networking, virtual conversations and everything we need is just a click away. The idea of Indecrafts, an online handicraft business, sprang with this insight itself. And what could be a better way than to go online to tell stories about the techniques and methods used in bringing these artefacts to life.

Often, we neglect the fact that there is so much more to handicrafts rather than just a final product in a showroom or a display on a website. We, at Indecrafts, strive to make our buyers to also know the stories about the origins of the products. Our artisans are as important to us as our customers.

Handicrafts, being of great significance to the Indian culture, carry with them the stories of centuries old techniques, places they come from and the evolution that occurred during the past years in the tools, materials and techniques used.

Indecrafts, being originated in the Brasscity, Moradabad, under the flagship of 25 years old company, R.R. International, has a unique scope of diversity in its products. This is where the old techniques meet the new designs and the fusion of both is a result that becomes the demand of today’s market.

Indecrafts is where a veteran and flourished generation in the industry hands over the tradition of handicraft business to new, vibrant and bold hands to carry it forward with dignity.