12 Diwali decoration ideas for living room 2023


The significance of a festival lies within its origin and transcendence through some great story-telling ballads and renditions. Such as this festival recites a tale of good triumph over evil and the light over the darkness. This festival is associated with the goddess Lakshmi, and the deity of such significance shouldn't be confined only to one room rather it is imperative to make the whole house the divine aboard, and the living room plays an integral role in feeling her grace and blessings. 

It is always the living room that bears all to set the environment of the festival as the day is denoted by many things, such as reunion or get-together with family and friends in the name of festival wishing growth and prosperity. Though it is for those who display chivalry in lighting the firecrackers matters as a festival, it is from the interiors of the house that starts from basic pooja offered to the deity. 

Let's discuss some decorative ideas to light up your living room this Diwali.

12 Diwali decoration ideas for your living room

1. Gold Round Chowki

When the festive atmosphere is set all across the house and every room is a representation of such a mood, the living room creates a more enlivening experience. As the festival Diwali is associated with Goddess Laxmi, prayers are done, oblations are offered, and the idol is adorned to get bestowed with her grace. During such time the Chowki is the best platform on which the diety graces on. Place this aluminum made with gold finish chowki which is beautifully designed and represents the traditional affluence. An accessory like this at an event of Diwali is an apt one and placing it in the living room can be an effective focal point that attracts and welcomes to get the divine warmth of the diety.

2. Diya Stand

A flickering light can be an analogy for many things. It represents the light that destroys the darkness, a ray of hope amidst ignorance, or bringing prosperity into the lives in the house, etc. But simply understanding the significance of Diwali, the festival of lights, how can such a day go without lighting one? This diya stands on the centre of the table emitting light and warmth is a sure thing to have. This stand is made of brass and polished to bounce the light across. An object of elegance and the moment's significance is highlighted through the evening. Lighting on this traditional oozing diya stand near the diety satiates one's religious preferences. 

3. Stair Diyas

What can anyone ask for than these which can illuminate the interior contours of the house that has stairs connecting to other rooms? These stair diyas are made of brass that are finely polished and come in different sizes. These traditionally designed diya sets can also be set amongst the racks in the living room. Imagine half of the room that is lustrous with the bouncing light ability suiting the moments of the festival. Well, place these along stairs that welcome visitors, friends, or family into your living room. 

4. Enameled Diyas

A modernized version that is still devoid of traditional value couldn't look more perfect than this set. A perfect set to accommodate amongst the living room decor, these have the quality to accentuate the corners if lit at the corners. A careful presentation of these on the racks, on coffee tables the corners with the items of the moment in the center, and on a mantle that is a part of the living room wall can amp up the ambiance with such an accumulation of small pieces. These are brass made with different colors of enameled diyas that share similarities and distinctness at the same time. 

5. Peacock Diya Set

When it is all about diyas on Diwali, it is advisable to have some variety of designs that spruce up the living room more of a divine abode. A pair of these lit diyas shall hold the warmth and atmosphere of a festival more gracefully and demand attention. These are peacock-designed diyas made of brass and finely polished promising more light as each diya is equipped with up to 10 flame-holding leaves. These set the festive mood with its elegant and traditional touch. The beauty lies in its blending in with the living room decor quality as intricately designed with peacock figures. 

6. Urli Leaf Diyas

Straight-designed diyas with no more sophistication promising the eminating quality wherever it is placed. These diyas are made of iron with gold polish and a terracotta holding palm to light the area. The overall finish is simple, but the terracotta leaf that holds oil and the flicker makes room for more than a couple of flickers that give ambiance when lit in the living room. Arrange these on the shelves of the main rack or through the small mantle furniture on the living room wall. A simple point and presentation to make the evening a Diwali evening. 

7. Enameled Etch Diyas

The versions of diyas design can't get better than this set. When these were lit, it seemed like the light was just emanating out of the blossom covers. The space to pour in the oil and a separate holder for the wick that keeps the flicker stay afloat is a well-thought-out design. As diyas correspond to the belief in bringing prosperity and growth to the, the design is an added perk that is intricately blended within. A good showpiece in the living room is mostly a mandatory item to have, and this can be your indispensable add-on not only on a Diwali evening but for many festive moments to come. 

8. Golden Bowl Set

These are used as the pooja set and when the goddess Laxmi herself takes over the living room, this is an inevitable associate to be around on a table. This set is perfect to hold the auspicious ingredients like sindoor, turmeric, and grains signifying as the assets during oblations and prayers. It is obvious that in the name of deity, the women perform certain methods to have blessings in the Hindu religion. A mandatory piece to have along with the idol and diyas on a festive moment. Made of aluminum and steel with a brass finish with an antique design. 

9. Birdie Cake Stand

An element of nature is always an elegant touch amongst the overall living room decor. Such as this cake stand that is made of walnut wood and iron with a gold polish finish. The design of the bird and leaves shows the art of detailing. This shall be a mere spitting image of the traditional or antique collective that sets apart the standard from others in a living room. Keep this on the main or coffee table and use this as a stable serving tray of the confectioneries, sweets, or your recipes addressing the festive cordiality. A true welcoming piece that displays the variety of tastes for the evening. 

10. Antique Brass Side Table

If not a chowki or any other similar design as such, then what can be an abode for the goddess Laxmi this Diwali? A side table shall do the honors of such is designed like this. This is an aluminum made with a brass finish that promises durability. Normally the old decor designs associate more with the godly items to carry on, such thought can be guessed to have been incorporated. The antique-sleek design and the sharp unsophisticated figure can easily carry the divine idol that overall presents a cultural and traditional ambiance. An idol at the center with a couple of incense or small diyas and flowers around or well-adorned drapings are easily bared within the parameters of the mantle. 

11. Set of 3 Lanterns

When the outer contours or the streets are taken with the lights and sounds of the crackers, it is imperative to leave the interiors of the house with some light. As it is the festive mood to delve into, a similar touch of lighting in the living room is to be considered. Another subset to light up your living room is this set of lanterns of distinct sizes. As these are fine brass polished that are associated with traditional aspects, suspending them to a height to distribute the light across the room shall contribute to setting the ambiance for the evening. The splendid aura is genuinely felt through the minimalistic design.

12. Plain Blue Tray Set

The evening with lights is sorted out and the guests, friends, and families shall visit in the name of the festival. It is often considered the best option to fill certain areas with food, drinks, and sweets that welcome visitors to feel at home. It is also based on how such is presented. That's when a sensible design takes the matter gracefully, such as this set of coral blue trays. The set holds the food recipes, diyas to be lit by the visitors, and a few important items for the event. Yet the design with raised edges skillfully draped with smooth ropes holds a decent impact in the living room.

Quick tips to follow for Diwali decor at home

  • Keep it simple, don’t overwhelm the interior with too many Diyas.
  • Wear a dress and drape interiors with curtains that don’t catch or react quickly to the heat.
  • If your decor has any patterns, follow those to place Diyas to accentuate the ambiance of the room.
  • If possible give a separate space for Diyas to present its impact.


So, let's start it from the living room which presents a pure festive mode before taking it on the streets with crackers that just flicker and sound for a few seconds. Lit within before lighting up the sky.


1. How to decorate a small living room for Diwali?

Get a Diya set of 3 or 4 so to set the living room with warmth and look. Use a separate table or a side table to place an elegant diya that stands out particularly. Clear unnecessary items from the living room so as to present the naturally lit can show its magical brightness. 

2. How to arrange lights for Diwali?

A simple rule is to follow the stable patterns of your decor in the living room. 

3. What is the best Colour combination of light for Diwali?

Subsets of the color of the natural light can stand out as the best combination as an accent set up for the moment.