10 Best Wall Decoration Ideas for Living Room


An empty wall in a living room feels like a lifeless canvas on which nobody can drain their lucid imaginations but can elevate the ambiance at their discretion based on the list provided below. Other rooms secure the private matters of one, but the living room is a common place for all kinds of prospects that define one's personification. 

Important Rules for Wall Decor

Understanding the importance of the wall decor makes us acknowledge the most important thing, our house is the best place in the world from where we start and return. So there is a need for decor not only with style but also with a purpose to maintain sanity. Well, let's go through some of the basic rules of wall decor for making the living room more lively.

  1. Let the bigger picture or the art piece take center stage to give a lasting impact.
  2. Do not stuff the wall space overwhelmingly which dismisses the purpose of the decorating of the living room.
  3. Let the pieces of art hold the distinction amongst themselves to highlight the decor.
  4. See to it that the frame of the art piece or photo frames has distinct contrasting colors if the canvas or the photos are mild and match the color of the wall.
  5. Do not decorate or hang the portraits or art pieces that are monotonous in overall look, choose different dimensions and patterns presenting versatility.
  6. Let the art pieces or mirror frames hang at an average height to witness them better.
  7. Do not stuff the whole arena with art pieces as a museum, design it with some functional products too.
  8. Hang an art piece, though minimal, with deep symbolism against the warm layered wall giving subtle vibes.
  9. The corners of the walls too hold significance, so explore and fill them with sleek designs.
  10. Finally, do not over-analyze to impress others, tweak the items of your taste that support and elevate or soothe your spirit.

10 Best Wall Decor Ideas


Seems like the buildings are just stripped of the cement and bricks baring the iron bars, wrapping themselves with a metal wire holding the definition and conforming within the frame, that’s one form of interpretation of this art piece. Well, any acute look at this wall art interprets another idea, and so on. This is an elegant antique black finish powder-coated iron building block that suits well against the living room wall incorporating a corporate look. A mild color layered wall as a background enhances the art piece and vice-versa. This classic iron material demands attention holding a stern position and contributing to the modern subtle taste. 


This is neither a Croton nor a real leaf but gives a feel of a time-frozen leaf. The curvy stems extend into multiple directions with leaves of the absolute same size and precision, a near perfection to the liveliness and tenderness of a real one. The clean and excellent blue finish powder-coated iron leaves shall truly stand out as an attention-grabbing art piece amongst the living room decor. This can be a space filler and creates a mesmerizing effect with the leaves aligned beautifully adding a simple yet stylish look. This blue-colored leaf art is best when hung against a white or smoke-colored wall.


Here is another wall art decor that blends the taste of nature with modern subtle art. A few steps back to have a look at this amongst your living room decor gives a glimpse of a feather just swaying by your unconscious attention, a calming spiritualistic effect. This green nature-inspired powder-coated iron leaf can fit any dimension of the living room wall. The curvy stem, sleek pointy leaves, and the whole finish of the work shall fit your taste and give an eye-catching look.


This petal-studded flower art is unfading timeless and so artistic that it often presents itself as a star-shaped piece. Apart from its promising classy look on the living room wall amongst others, it can stand out if placed on the corner wall that is adjacent to the main wall. And if the early morning sun rays can leap into the living room only to fall on this art piece create a reflection and a shadow of the shape lasting a soothing impact like the saying “true art is reflection”. A beautiful natural look to the interiors adds class and taste to your living room. 


We often look down upon the corners of the walls only concentrating on the vast spread living room wall, but a nice piece of art with purpose can make the whole living room more vibrant. This iron-hanging lamp with an antique bronze finish can be mounted at the corners of the wall with a small supportive lamp hook. The multi-colored stained glass offers a versatile spread of light on either side of the wall from the corner that’d lit your evenings and early mornings, revealing other art pieces, photo frames, and portraits partially, if any. Quite a warm and distinguishable feel by this Indian heritage-inspired lamp.


Though the personal or decor items take the space in the gallery racks, glossary wooden furniture, or on the mantle of the wall section, there will surely be a special item, photo, or an award for an achievement that defines the whole life or reminds a moment. Here is an aluminum side table with a thick gold coating finish, super solid and traditional in look. The leaves structure as a mantle and the bird’s leg replica with details of shank, and curves are testimonies of attention to detail artwork. Placing it near a warm-colored wall gives a luxurious and antique look to the living room decor evoking the taste for art.


In many philosophical traditions, the idea and the structure of the vases hold a different symbolism. One of them is that the human body is seen as a vase that holds our spirit. Here is the vase that elevates the mood and spirit. This is the black patterned narrow base and wide neck with an antique bronze plate finish that resembles a perfect hexagon-shaped beehive just rolled within. The vase placement at a slight distance to the corners of the wall gives an elevated look even to the visitors. Any water plants(natural or artificial) with long stems, or a cane can be worked with this according to preferences. 


A sleek rack can for sure be a part of living room decor that has a light functional aspect to it. This rack is a combination of wooden and iron material and an alternate wooden mantle design triggers a corporate style. The sleek and tender wooden mantle shall bear the lightweight items with an elated look. Placing this item at the corners of the room offers a two-dimensional look and its placement next to the wall-mounted television with relevant items placed within the rack is more functional than look. A small flower pot and tiny electronic utilities shall be ideal picks to stuff this rack with.


Let’s give more functional aspects to the living room wall decor that also has dimensional art within it. The blend of iron and strong wood promises a solid stance on the ground or wall-mounted. This modern yet classic product is at your discretion and tastes to stuff it up with books, tiny art or clock pieces, and others. Juggling the pieces about the rack based on the perpetual wish allows us to display the show of evolution. A must-have living room decor to replenish natural class and endurance for years to come.


The round wall mirror with a black circular mesh frame is quite a resemblance to a bird nest. The clear mirror engulfed precisely by an artful mess is one of the best pieces to give a stylish and modern look to the living room decor. The iron material with a grey-glossy finish shall brighten up the look of a white or smoke-colored wall. This has a subtle modern accent look associated with other items on the wall distinguishing itself since the model is round-shaped.


Go through the decor ideas and accessories and select any that suit your style and design of your living room. Bring life and style to the living room.