Rattan lounge chair


Rs. 25,000.00

(Prices are inclusive of taxes).


Design & Craft

If there is a plan to bid adieu to modern-day cushions, then this chair is the best alternative for many great reasons. The chair is made of Iron with Rattan weaved intricately, bringing the give-in feature for any individual to rest within its shape. The hand-woven rattan represents sustainability and eco-friendly nature. Place it in your lawn, garden area, or the leisure drawing room


  • H-28" , W-25" , L-29"

    Seating Height : 14"

  • matt black

The rattan chair is available in this color only.

The price of this chair is Rs. 25,000

The shipping cost is free.

Yes, this is both sustainable and eco-friendly because of rattan from strong Palm trees.

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