The Complete Guide to Bathroom Accessories


Bathrooms are often considered as cast-out space in the whole house just only concentrating on the basic accessories. But it is important to understand that the bathroom is a sanctuary that keeps us healthy and a place to go through the process of hygiene care and check. Let's amp up with the below-mentioned bathroom accessories that complement the style and sensibilities of your taste in decor that are functional, eco-friendly, and sustainable too.

10 ultimate bathroom accessories 



A must-have set in any bathroom is the bath set. A bucket, canister, lotion dispenser, a tumbler, and a soap dish form a basic bath set. But here the form has more substance to provide than a regular bath set. This stainless steel bath set of 6 accessories with a gold finish adds a style statement to your bathroom. The best part is even the lotion dispenser that is of steel gives a more intimate quality than some others draped in brand colors and formats. These toiletries are rust-proof and have durability for long-lasting along with the lasting impact of a unique look that enhances the ambiance of the bathroom. 


If you like long and relaxing soaks of hot or lukewarm water, then get a copper bath collection to set a copper bath. Bronze is the copper alloy combined with tin that has the benefits of copper like retaining heat, and healing skin abilities, and is often considered as a spiritual bath. This burnished bronze set with a brass finish adds a rustic yet traditional look to the bathroom decor. The colors and the fine polished finish hold the glimmer and reflect the look and positive effects. A healthy selection and a healthy cleansing process is most recommended.  Since the tin and brass finish is included, this set is anti-corrosive and lasts long.


This is a steel bath set with a matt black finish that adds a chic and industrial look to the bathroom decor. The look has two subtle things blended into one as the design itself is an industrial thought while a distant look of this set gives an impact like the set is made of smooth stone and later polished. The image of this black finish in a light-colored bathroom gives a distinct colorful look. A literal standout set of designs that finishes the most common and must-have accessories in any bathroom.


An essential bathroom accessory that is used to clean the bathroom and keep it healthy. Keeping it at a convenient distance and display rings a thought of cleaning the bathroom once in a while to contain the germs. This is used to reduce the spills of the toilet brush. Well, this piece here is made of iron with a matte black finish. The matt-shiny black polish gives a distinct look to the bathroom when the whole place is of light-colored toilet accessories affixed to the room. The contrasting color is designed to give a crisp look adding to the bathroom decor.


An essential accessory to have in a bathroom is the waste bin to dispose of post-makeup peels and others. This is a strip-hammered bucket that comes in a gold finish color. The color adds some value to the bathroom along with its peculiar shape and use. The best part of this accessory is it is made of high-quality galvanized iron. The galvanized objects generally are of high water resistance fighting the rust formation which promises durability. This robust and versatile bin is eco-friendly with sustainable materials used in its process.


One of the important accessories to have next to or in the bathroom is a laundry basket to carry the clothes to the washing process. Though these are mostly seen at the corners of the bathroom, the use of these baskets reduces the burden of carrying clothes of different sizes. This is a naturally woven or handmade basket with rattan, a tight weave of durable wood that offers a functional form to the space. This adds an eco-friendly and bohemian touch to the bathroom. The edges and the bases are finely polished and crafted to last for a time without being damaged by the flow of the water if placed in the bathroom.


The accessories and their shape vary with the preferences and tastes of varied individuals. These trays are one of those designs that are surely crafted keeping certain preferences in mind. These trays are more functional than decorative, more simpler in presenting a fresh look than sophistication. These are a combination of wood and iron with a nest-like design for easy use. It is ideal for those who have certain preferences for before and after washing. One can easily prioritize cleansing or beauty products within these trays. Place these on the wide-spread bathroom ventilators or a bathroom dressing table to blend into the basic decor to give a natural look.


You are well comforted with a bathtub with the candles lit around the tub or just a little distant from the bathplace? Consider having a replacement of candles with the votives. Votives are adaptable to any room, as also goes with the bathroom. Sometimes bathing or cleansing our body process is so intimate to shed the heaviness within the mind and body. These metallic votives of aluminum made with Copper, Nickel, and Brass finish give the therapeutic experience. The colors and the purposes create an ambient mood lighting the space that doesn’t make one dread using the restroom.


Add this beautifully crafted jaw-dropping appearance to the bathroom. This holder is made of iron material with a gold finish. The structure and design are well enough to have their own identity in the bathroom accessory decor. This can be wall-mounted to provide a hygienic and healthy solution for the visitors. The presence of this tool in the bathroom speaks volumes of a healthy and clean lifestyle. These holders provide a smooth roll of the tissue with no issues and a small mantle above the paper roller leaves some space for the handwash dispenser. This is both an add-on and a functional accessory.


A bathroom cannot be an ideal one without this tool, a mirror. Add this glossy accessory to the bathroom walls to brighten up the mood. A good minute of looking at oneself in the mirror is the most motivating and refreshing aspect. Well, this mirror brings a modern style that is made of iron with a black matte finish. An easy sunburst wall mirror to mount adds a light classic look to the whole bathroom decor. Placing slightly downwards to the ventilator or a light bulb avoids unwanted reflection for only the light to fall on your face and give the natural reflection in the mirror.

What are the must-have bathroom accessories?

Starting with the ritual of oral care accessories to the mirror that concludes our look to set further for a day, these are the must-have bathroom accessories:

  1. A toothbrush holder, a brush holder in the form of a canister is the best pick to distinguish between the dental tools of the family.
  2. A waterproof soap holder to preserve your soap that has pores to last the bar further.
  3. An automatic or manual soap or lotion dispenser to keep your hands clean and healthy.
  4. Hooks and hanger bars or towel rings to suspend the clothes.
  5. A holder to hold the toilet brush preventing the dripping and keep it conveniently away from other tools.
  6. A tissue holder-cum-spinner to roll out the piece of tissue without damage to the needy and necessity.
  7. A waste bin in the corner of the bathroom or right next to the bathroom door to dispose of the used material like shampoo sachets or sanitary pads etc.
  8. Mirror cabinets or a small mantle to place a mirror with some after-wash tools of one's preference. 
  9. Well, any shower curtains or bathroom air freshers are optional based on the taste.
  10. How can a bathroom be complete without a bucket of considerable size and a small tumbler?

How can I choose bathroom accessories that match my decor?

  1. Choose the accessories based on the bathroom size and wall colors if you want to start from scratch. 
  2. Set the tone of the bathroom with style.
  3. Leave more room on the floor and try to have mantles to place things.
  4. Focus on the fixtures that match the wall’s color or choose contrasting colors to give a vibrant dimension.
  5. If the whole bathroom has of industrial or modern look, then amp up with wooden accessories and do it vice-versa.
  6. If have room, make it very home-friendly rather than keeping with only conventional thoughts of a basic bathroom.
  7. If a wide wall is spread across the room, then arrange a mirror cabinet to keep all the cleaning or beauty products within the room.
  8. To give more light and a simpler effect to the room, fill the sensible places with some small flower vases to bring in the element of nature.
  9. Set the whole ambiance first, then bring the accessories of distinct formats and colors into the world. If tools were only brought for the sake of decoration, then everything might look clumsy.

Are there eco-friendly options for bathroom accessories?

Yes, right from the basics to the luxurious accessories to have in the bathroom have been eco-friendly. The surge of sustainability and eco-friendly sense has been in bathroom accessories like copper or brass buckets,  votives with wood finish, trays, waste bins, etc.

What are some creative ways to organize a small bathroom with accessories?

  1. First, clear up the bathroom with unnecessary items to make it feel like big.
  2. Remove the shower curtain if you have one.
  3. Find an alternative to the bathtubs with a chair and stool.
  4. Attach the mirror to the wall of your face when bathing.
  5. Maintain only a single cabinet or a wall-mounted basket attached to the wall that has style and substance to store all usable.
  6. Place or arrange the tools or tiny accessories in vertical formats.

Can I install bathroom accessories myself, or should I hire professionals?

Believe in your preferences, the number of people residing in the home, and your taste in bringing in the tools you wish. If the size and scope of the whole house demand the same kind of attention to detail to be given to the bathroom too, then hire interior designers or home surgeons to set it according to the class and scope of your stature.


Include any of the above in your overall bathroom accessories to keep healthy and prove that no longer you treat the bathroom like a cast-out space.